The HSS welcomes academics, professionals, scholars, researchers, and students (min. Phd candidancy level) to be members of the society. Those interested should accompany their application with the endorsement of at least two HSS members.

Applications should be addressed to the HSS Secretary in advance of the annual HSS General Meeting (typically held every October), accompanied by a CV that demonstrates the applicant’s background and/or scientific engagement with semiotics. Membership applications are approved by the HSS General Meeting and applicants are officially informed within a month of the HSS General Meeting decision.

Submit your application to: 

Panayiotis Xouplidis   pxouplid (at) 

Deposit your Membership Fees at:

National Bank of Greece
Swift Code (BIC): ETHNGRAA
IBAN: GR1401102840000028429600605
Hellenic Semiotics Society