VERSUS n. 129: Call for papers

Call for papers
VERSUS n. 129

On the Reader’s side: Lector in Fabula, Forty Years Later
Edited by Isabella Pezzini

This issue of Versus has its roots in the 40th anniversary of the publication, in 1979, of the Italian version of Lector in fabula. La cooperazione interpretativa nei testi narrativi, by Umberto Eco (the same year of the American edition, even if this presents many significant differences from the original version).

Among Eco’s complete works, Lector in fabula can be regarded as a fundamental cornerstone: it is both the culmination of previous researches and the starting point of their further developments. In this book, Eco’s semantic perspective confirms its textualist option, and broadens the notion of “text”, elaborated in a Theory of Semiotics among the modes of sign production, through a more accurate articulation based on C.S. Peirce’s formulation of an interpretative semiotics, combining it at the same time with the methodological tools derived from narratology, pragmatics, logic of possible worlds.

In this book, concepts and ideas already proposed in Opera aperta (1962) – when Eco was studying the new vanguard artistic movements of those years, in which the interpreter’s involvement dimension was crucial – come back in a revised version. Furthermore, contemporary research on popular literature was confirming the very same principle: in order to be understood, even before being interpreted, a text requires an active collaboration by its “user”. In the Lector in fabula, levels of progressive complexity in textual interpretative cooperation are accurately identified and articulated.

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