14th World Congress of Semiotics, Trajectories

14th World Congress of Semiotics of the International Association of Semiotics Studies /Association Internationale de Sémiotique -IASS/AIS organized by the Asociación Argentina de Semiótica -AAS-and the Universidad Nacional de las Artes -UNA

Buenos Aires, 9-13 september 2019


The word ‘trajectories’ has been chosen for the thematic proposal of this congress, taking on account of the remarkable wealth of meanings arising from its contemporary uses. The best example can be found in the trajectory of definitions of the very notion of semiotics.

Along this semiotic path, there is a manifold of narratives regarding its adoption as the name of a field of analytical research and of publications.

However, the term trajectories, in the plural, also suggests that the semiotic path is neither single nor linear. It does not hide, in short, the diversity of the paths followed to attain the perception of problems that are intrinsically diverse and mobile. Also, the variety of trajectories finds its reason for being in the multiplicity of media, devices and languages that today claim, dispute with each other, and compete for time and space.

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