International Symposium: Sources of Creativity. From Local to Universal

International Symposium: Sources of Creativity. From Local to Universal

Mikkeli (Finland), 8-10 August 2018

An international symposium around Eero Tarasti’s work in the eve of his 70th birthday. Event organized by the Academy of Cultural Heritages and the Semiotic Society of Finland, in Mikkeli, Finland, 8-10 August 2018.

The symposium will be arranged at the place of genius loci of Eero Tarasti’s life, his second home and summer town Mikkeli. It is open for contributions on the fields of his scientific and artistic output and dealing with his ideas, theories and activities in the scholarly and cultural context. The convention will also include excursions to important places of his life.. There will be a concert and a festival gourmet dinner at Tertti Manor.

Read the full announcement here: International Symposium, Sources of Creativity, Program