Doctoral student in Cognitive Semiotics

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, Maximum 4 years Extent: 100 %
Location: Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund First day of employment: 2015-09-01

Official Records Number: HTPA 2015/6

Job assignments

Doctoral education. Departmental work can be assigned.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

Eligibility for doctoral studies in each subject is specified in the relevant general syllabus, available at studieplaner/

Basis of Assessment

The selection process will primarily take into account the applicants’ ability to benefit from research studies. This is assessed from the criteria quality, quantity, progression and relevance

For further information please contact:

Göran Sonesson, Professor, Responsible for research and post-graduate studies in Cognitive Semiotics
046-222 95 31

Jesper Olsson, Faculty Coordinator, for employment related questions 046-2228315

Last Day of Applying : 2015-03-02

Further information and online

Information on the scientific environment at Cognitive Semiotics in Lund:


Jordan Zlatev
Professor in General Linguistics Division of Cognitive Semiotics Centre for Languages and Literature P.O. Box 201, Lund University
221 00 Lund, Sweden

PDF: Doctoral student in Cognitive Semiotics